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Our Characters


More big sister than surrogate parent, Ibba is a millennial Mary Poppins who’s always eager to learn more about the world. She's got a big personality with epic tales to match, but her real super power is providing a safe space (both literally and emotionally) for Noah and Nellie to learn, process, and play in during these challenging times.

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Noah is a bold and curious 13-year-old monster boy who thinks he knows more than he does. He loves video games, superheros and wants to be an inventor and entrepreneur one day, though you wouldn't know it from his homework. He’s staying with Ibba while his mom, a nurse, works on the front lines.


Nellie is a nervous and creative young gorgon who uses stories to help deal with her anxiety. She loves getting creative (especially if it means getting messy) and teasing Noah. She’s Ibba’s cousin who is staying at the Playhouse while her parents

are in Greece.


Facty is the tablet with the 411. If she doesn't know the answer to your question, you've still come to the right place, because she loves research... unlike her brother Fakey.


Fakey loves a good (if not a technically accurate) time. He can never resist sharing a saucy clickbait article or unsoureced Internet rumour, which can be highly entertaining, but when he spins out too far from the truth (and breaks out in malware), his sister Facty and the rest of his friends help reel him back in.


Auggie is a set of cutting edge augmented reality glasses. Look through his eyes and science becomes animated; from tiny germ particles to the invisible forces of nature. Just be specific with your requests, otherwise he's liable to go on a tangent.


Factchecker is the superman of software. He leaves no source unverified and tackles terabytes of falsehoods in a single bound. Though he may sometimes interrupt, it's only because he's passionate about the truth... to Facty's delight and Fakey's dismay.

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