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PANDEMIC PLAYHOUSE is an Emmy-nominated educational show that covers a diverse array of complex topics in a fun and approachable way that was independently produced for WTIU's The Friday Zone.

Noah and Nellie, a pair of puppet kids, shelter-in-place with their fun and funky chaperone, Ibba, her fact-checking tablet Facty, conspiracy-spewing laptop Fakey, and all-knowing (if distractible) AR glasses Auggie. Together they learn about digital literacy, the science of the virus and vaccine, civics, self care, as well as history and myths from all over the world.

The show stars Ibba Armancas, Emmy and Latin Grammy Award winner Alisha Gaddis, Mark Meer (Mass Effect), Bonnie Gordon (Start Trek:Prodigy), Ethan Henry (Genius:Aretha) and comedians Anthony Dayo and Darrel Haynes, with guest appearances ranging from Kevin Quinn (Netflix's A Week Away, Disney Channel’s Bunk'd) to NASA Scientist Christine Moran.

The series also features sets from the legendary Bob Baker Marionette Theatre and the classical Luchador school Pro Wrestling Revolution.

From separating fact and fiction on the internet to breaking down the science of viruses to the art of self care, PANDEMIC PLAYHOUSE covers a lot of educational ground with wit, heart and approachability.

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