Our Show

PANDEMIC PLAYHOUSE is a witty educational show that covers a diverse array of complex topics in a fun and approachable way. Though created for elementary school students, it's enjoyable by learners of all ages.

Join Ibba and her friends as they safely learn and create in her living room; aka the Pandemic Playhouse! Find out what makes the Corona virus tick, how you can make your own COVID-19 mask, and get the critical thinking tools needed to separate fact from fiction.

Though written as half-hour episodes, the five core segments (SOCIAL SCIENCES, SCIENCE LANGUAGE ARTS, and two EXTRA CURRICULARS) break down into 4-6 minute minisodes perfect for YouTube and social media.


Educational storylines are tied together by Ibba, the wacky proprietor of the playhouse, and NOAH, a wise-cracking 13-year-old monster boy whose mother is an essential worker. 

SOCIAL SCIENCE segments feature siblings FACTY (a fact-checking iPad) and FAKEY (a tall tale telling laptop) who argue about facts and widely accepted myths about history and government. 

SCIENCE is discovered in THE LAB where AUGGIE (a pair of augmented reality glasses)  teaches Ibba and the kids fun and interesting facts about the natural world.

​LANGUAGE ARTS features dramatic retellings of classic stories and myths, and highlights NELLIE, Ibba’s 8-year old Gorgon cousin who uses stories to self soothe when she’s scared.

CALL AN EXPERT spot lights artists, innovators, educators, and talent from all over the world sharing their expertise via video call.

Like Mythbusters and NOVA, Pandemic Playhouse engages students in authentic dialogue,  acknowledging any questions and difficulties they might have.